TRU Sites

Welcome to TRU Sites

TRU Sites is a WordPress platform for faculty, staff and students at Thompson Rivers University. You can create your own public website for personal, research, project or department use.

How do I sign up?

Submit a project request to the Marketing and Communications department. Select ‘new website’ and tell us as much as you can about what you’re hoping to do.

I have questions!

Send your questions to

Is there online documentation for how to use WordPress?

Yes! You can learn the basics right here.

What kind of websites are hosted here?

Below is a list of sites currently maintained:

The Viridian Life, Musings of an academic naturalist

Ila Crawford’s Fine Art Blog, Around the Art School at Thompson Rivers University

Emotion Science Lab, Catherine Ortner is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Thompson Rivers University.

Climate Change Toolkit, Community Level Adaption to Climate Change

A Day for Learning at TRU, On December 7th, 2012, a group of educators at Thompson Rivers University convened off-campus to to discuss the changing landscape of learning.

Undergraduate Research and Innovation Conference, Thompson Rivers University’s annual undergraduate research conference

Richard’s Stuff, mostly audio-related ephemera. and some other Stuff.

Karl Larsen, Wildlife research at Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Naowarat (Ann) Cheeptham, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Cindy L James, Senior Coordinator, Assessment Centre

BC Secondary School Math Contest

44 Lenin Avenue, A researcher’s journey to Siberia

Applied Sustainable Ranching, What’s happening in the Applied Sustainable Ranching Program

Courtney Mason, Rural Livelihoods and Sustainable Communities

Children and the Law Laboratory, Heather Price — Thompson Rivers University

Dr. Lyn Baldwin, plant ecologist with research focused on applied questions regarding plants and their conservation

Dr. Don Nelson

Dr. Jenni Karl, Brain & Behaviour Lab, We investigate how different sensory modalities such as vision, touch, and proprioception contribute to various perceptual and motor abilities in humans.

Dr. Robert J. Higgins: Research Page, the Ants of British Columbia

Louis A. Gosselin, PhD, Marine invertebrate ecology

GeoX lab explores environmental sensing technology and data mining and modelling solutions to inform adaptive management of natural resources systems

Dr. Chris Montoya

Dr. Qinglin Roger Yu, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Nelaine Mora-Diez, Computational Chemistry Group

Dr. Patrick Walton

Dr. Jonathan D. Van Hamme, Department of Biological Sciences

Jim Hu, PhD, the Bitter Sweetness of Learning to Write Academic English: An Anthology of ESL Students’ Essays

James Hoffman, Theatre in British Columbia

Dr. Alvine Boaye Belle, Department of Software Engineering

Waleed Ejaz, PhD, P.Eng., Department of Applied Science & Engineering